Holy Week: The Crossbeam

Br. Michael, ofm



The crossbeam of my life




and I fall.

The crossbeam of my life

physical ailment

mental breakdown

spiritual emptiness

                              and I fall.

The crossbeam of my life




                              and I fall.

Each time I fall,

I am strengthened by the

love and Passion of Christ

                             and I rise.

He who knows

the crossbeam of my life

leads me to freedom

in his resurrected life.

Photo Credit: Pavel Nekoranec


Lent V: Lazarus

Br. Michael, ofm


Seeking new life

amongst the tombs of life

leaves me bound up.

Broken hearted and left questioning,

called to trust and believe,

is new life possible?

New life for me,

here and now,

it seems impossible.

Even the Son of God

was disturbed greatly

and wept bitterly.

So, I too must able

to express my sorrow

and the agony of letting go.

When I do face what binds me

I am met again and again

with the promise of hope.

Jesus says: I am

the resurrection

and the life.

I know he hears my prayers,

he feels my pain

and comforts my sorrow.

The stench of life

has no grip on me,

for God’s love is greater.

I am unbound,

I believe,

I am Lazarus – free!

Photo Credit: Pablo Heimplatz

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Lent IV: Belief

 – Br. Michael, ofm

Lord, I believe.

I say the words,

do I mean them?


comes in many forms,

what are mine?

Do I fail to see

light, life and love

right here and now?

Am I afraid

my belief

will insult others?

Lord, I believe.

You are my vision,

open my eyes.

My blindness

leaves me isolated,

open my eyes.

You are the way

which leads to life,

open my eyes.

I need not be

like Pharisees,

open my eyes.

Lord, I believe.

I trust in the new sight

You give me today.

With eyes opened,

I testify to your love,

for I do believe.

– Inspired by John 9.1-41

Photo Credit: Dyu – Ha

Lent III: Drink Up

 – Br. Michael, ofm


Tired out

Worn out

Stressed out

Come to the water.





Come to the water.





Come to the water.


Come as you are


Come with your story


Come to the well



Fountain of living water

Gift of God

Gushing up for everyone.


Where is this water?

Is it free?

How do I drink?


In Christ.

Freedom in the Savior.

Drink Abundantly.

Drink up.


His well of mercy and grace

Never runs dry

Come to the living water

Drink up.


– Based on John 4.5-42



Photo Credit: Amritanshu Sikdar