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Pentecost Is Not The End

Pentecost Is Not The End – Br. Michael, ofm   Pentecost is so often looked at as one day, a bleep in the liturgical calendar, a reminder the Easter Season […]

Easter Encounters    

                   – Br. Michael, ofm Easter Encounters       Easter Greetings! Spending time with the Resurrection accounts this Easter week has allowed for […]

Rest in Peace Father Louis Geelan 

Rest in Peace Father Louis Geelan   Father Louis Geelan (1934-2023), Franciscan Friar and long-time member of the Mount St. Francis Retreat Team entered his eternal glory on Divine Mercy […]

Easter: Life from Death

Br. Michael, ofm Life is full of unknowns death seems to lurk always near.   Life from death does not make sense.   Yet the parable of the seed gives […]

Holy Week: The Crossbeam

Br. Michael, ofm     The crossbeam of my life anxiety sickness instability and I fall. The crossbeam of my life physical ailment mental breakdown spiritual emptiness                               and I […]

Lent V: Lazarus

Br. Michael, ofm   Seeking new life amongst the tombs of life leaves me bound up. Broken hearted and left questioning, called to trust and believe, is new life possible? […]

Lent IV: Belief

 – Br. Michael, ofm Lord, I believe. I say the words, do I mean them? Blindness comes in many forms, what are mine? Do I fail to see light, life […]