Pentecost Is Not The End

Pentecost Is Not The End

– Br. Michael, ofm


Pentecost is so often looked at as one day, a bleep in the liturgical calendar, a reminder the Easter Season is over. If this is all we see Pentecost as we are robbing ourselves of the beauty of being caught up in the divine love of our Triune God.


Pentecost is a shift in our living. It is a statement to the way we live as Easter people as we live out our baptismal promises. If we profess the living Christ then Pentecost is the fuel which continually awakens us to Christ with us. It also awakens us to not only our gifts and abilities, but also to changes we must make in our living and how God continually meets us and strengthens us to make these changes.


Pentecost was not just a one-day event with flames and a dove and a variety of languages. It was a launching point for the ongoing mission of Jesus Christ. This mission is of justice, inclusion, freedom, forgiveness, peace, community and the depth of love. It was not just for Peter and the twelve those fifty days after the resurrection of Christ, it is still now and for us.


Pentecost is more than the birthday of the church. It is envisioning of how the church is to be, such as “all together,” “filled,” “amazed and astonished,” “renewing,” “for the common good” and “sent.”* These descriptors should stir up in us questions we must ask ourselves. How are we utilizing our variety of gifts and services to build up the “one body” of the church? How are we aiding to the fullness of the common good in this “same God” who calls all people to life in the Spirit? Where are we noticing the amazing, astonishing, and renewing work of the Spirit in our daily living or are we even taking time to be amazed, astonished and renewed with goodness? Or are we too caught up in what we call the busyness of life?


Pentecost sends us forth, as followers of Christ to bear witness to the splendour of God with us. In his parting moments with the disciples Jesus offered them peace, reminded them they are sent in his name, and breathed on them – the very breath of life (the Holy Spirit). Their work was to pass this on to followers then and we now have inherited their mission and pick up what is ours to do in this age. The Spirit is with us, let us not hesitate or delay as we “journey from hope to clear vision” (from Solemn Blessing).


Blessings to you as we step into this time of Pentecost.



The Franciscans of Canada mark Pentecost as our Feast Day as we are the Holy Spirit Province Saint-Esprit. We continue to humbly ask for your prayers and support.

* see the assigned Lectionary scriptures for Pentecost



Photo Credit: Jenny Le