Lent IV: Belief

 – Br. Michael, ofm

Lord, I believe.

I say the words,

do I mean them?


comes in many forms,

what are mine?

Do I fail to see

light, life and love

right here and now?

Am I afraid

my belief

will insult others?

Lord, I believe.

You are my vision,

open my eyes.

My blindness

leaves me isolated,

open my eyes.

You are the way

which leads to life,

open my eyes.

I need not be

like Pharisees,

open my eyes.

Lord, I believe.

I trust in the new sight

You give me today.

With eyes opened,

I testify to your love,

for I do believe.

– Inspired by John 9.1-41

Photo Credit: Dyu – Ha