Snapshot: Easter Hope

Br. Michael

When life feels like it is in shambles,

when it feels broken, tattered, and torn,

when we feel perched on the edge

wondering what is next,

if there is a tomorrow…

hope is always cradled within,

resting secure,

held by love,

held by the promise,

of new life.

Hope breaks free

from the limitations of life,

inviting us to rise up,



God of Easter,

your love never dies

leading us through the valley of death

into an authentic new life.


As we begin the festival of Easter

may our hearts know

they are always cradled

where hope lives

and that we too

rise to new life

for your love

holds us secure


Amen. Alleluia!


Easter Blessings




























Easter Weekend at Mount St. Francis Retreat Centre

Easter Weekend at Mount St. Francis Retreat Centre

Many people have come in pilgrimage over the years to pray the Way of the Cross during Holy Week, especially on Good Friday.


Individuals and small groups who wish to come to the Mount during the Triduum (Good Friday, Holy Saturday, and Easter Sunday) to pray the Way of the Cross are welcome to do so. If you do come to pray outside, please dress appropriately, especially wearing proper footwear. The trails may be slippery.


There are two trails for the Way of the Cross.

Trail 1 is on the South side of Retreat Road across from the main entrance to the Mount. It makes its way up the hill looping down just past the start point.

Trail 2 is across the West lawn on the North side of the property. It makes its way down the ravine in a loop.



Please be mindful of parking and pedestrians in the parking lot.

Please ensure that no garbage is left on the grounds. Garbage Bins are available.

Please respect the quiet and peace of the Mount.


For Good Friday and Holy Saturday Washrooms only will be available at Mount St. Francis Retreat Centre. The Centre itself is closed for the Easter Triduum, please check out local church websites or for Triduum Mass Times.


Easter Triduum Blessings

During these Holy Days,

we remember

feet washed and a meal shared,

an angry mob, a cross carried,

the Son of Man crucified and buried,

that death is not the end of the story.

Our God is a God of surprises!

We walk by faith and not by sight alone,

seeking Christ in the midst of life,

planting our hope in Him who lives.


Peace and All Good to you!

Easter Blessings and Greetings from the Friars and Staff at Mount St. Francis.


























Snapshot 6: Holy Week – Encountering Christ in the Everyday 

                – Br. Michael ofm

Love gazing on the loved

The loved gazing on Love

Mercy overflowing

Known in my anguish

A place of refuge

Hope restored






God of Every Heartbeat,

your love is present in our living,

made known in the love of your Son.


The cross is our strength,

and the way which leads to life,

may we be more aware of this gift

in the encounters during this Holy Week.




Photo Credit: Dmytro V.

(Lviv, Ukraine)


















Snapshot 5: Not Condemned

– Br. Michael, ofm


As I rise up

in the morning light

the voice of God

catches my attention.


I am not condemned,

rather I am sent

to go in the way of life,

a new person,

my sinfulness left behind.


Scripture Inspiration: John 8.1-11



God of Love,

so often I feel caught up in my sinfulness,

and yet each time I feel trapped

you write on my heart:

“You are not condemned.”


May I carry this message into my living

so as not to condemn others

rather to be an encounter of your mercy.




Photo Credit: Melita F.

(Lake Ontario, Grimsby Lake Front)