Snapshot 4: True Prodigal Freedom


– Br. Michael, ofm



from moonrise to moonrise

we all seek freedom.

We must look into our living, asking ourselves:

where am I squandering my freedom?

where am I stealing freedom from others?

when am I truly free to taste and see God’s goodness?


The Prodigal Father,

The Prodigal Son,

The Elder Son,

each ask us to seek true freedom,

freedom found in the

compassion and mercy of God

which is good, very good.





Scripture Inspiration: Luke 15, Psalm 34






God of Freedom,

this season of Lent speaks to us of your prodigal love

and how your love is the gift of true prodigal freedom.


As we continue into the middle of this Lent open our eyes to see clearly

the true freedom which you offer us from sunset to sunset

and how we can embody the goodness of this freedom

with actions and words of compassion and mercy.




Photo Credit: Cadence H.

(R.M. of Chester, SK)


































Snapshot 3: Love Bears Fruit


– Br. Michael, ofm


Your name forever,

O God,

is that of love.

Even when we

masquerade it

or perverse it

you remain faithfully


you who are

love and mercy in abundance

from one generation to the next.



You call us to bear fruit,

for we are planted in you.

When we fail to do so,

you tend to the plant of our life

and once again give us the chance

to bear fruit in love

for eternally you are



God, the great I AM,

you know us each by name and love us beyond our knowing.

In these Lenten days and challenging times

guide us in your ways of love and mercy

so, we may bear fruit of love and mercy in this hurting world,

trusting that you are with us now and in generations to come.




Scripture Inspiration: Exodus 3.1-8a, 13-15 and Luke 13.6-9






Photo Credits:

Claire Z., Collingwood Cove, AB

John V., Edmonton, AB

























Lent 2022

Lent 2022 at

Mount St. Francis Retreat

41160 Retreat Road, Cochrane



Twilight Retreat – After the Winter Slumber

March 22  – 6:00 pm

Registration at 6:00 pm, Supper at 6:30 pm

Evening includes a guided reflection, time for quiet, and prayer.




Day Away – Life-Giving Spirit

April 6 – 9:00 am – 3:00 pm

Registration at 8:30 am with Coffee and Muffins.

Day includes presentation, quiet reflection, Eucharist, noon meal and prayer.



Holy Week Retreat: Charity of the Cross –

A Woman’s Mercy, A Man’s Help: The Call of the Cross

April 13 – 9:00 am – 3:00 pm   or   6:30 – 9:00 pm


Guided by St. Francis and St. Clare’s love of the cross this Holy Week Retreat

provides the opportunity to enter into the Paschal Triduum with hope.

Retreat includes a guided reflection, time to walk the Way of the Cross,

the opportunity to celebrate the Sacrament of Reconciliation,

thoughtful activities, time for quiet and a delicious meal.



Day Retreat begins with 8:30 am Registration. Coffee and Muffins served.

Twilight Retreat begins with 5:30 pm Registration. Time for quiet until supper.




To register: 403-932-2012

Monday-Friday 9 am – 4:30 pm



















Snapshot 2: Transforming to Glory

by Br. Michael, ofm

“Citizens of heaven”*

the great apostle Paul

calls each of us.


“It is good to be here,”**

the great apostle Peter

declares in a moment of glory.



the appearance of Christ:

dazzling, glory-filled, Chosen One.


This Lenten reminder of transfiguration

is a nudge for us to look at what

needs transforming in our lives

so as to again and again

move from glory to glory

present here and now,

listening to Him who is our life,

dwelling with him for we are his

and have the honour of sharing

citizenship with Him.


Wisdom! Let us be attentive!


Transfigured Jesus,

you don’t simply razzle-dazzle

us with your glory,

rather you call us to glory

by transforming our lives

to the pattern of your love.


Fill us with an eagerness

for this transformation

today, tomorrow

and all the days of this Lent.





* – Philippians 3.20

** – Luke 9.28-36



Photo Credit: Vincent I.

St. Basil Ukrainian Catholic Church, Regina


























Snapshot Week 1: Breakthrough

by Br. Michael, ofm

When tested to exhaustion,

in our daily trials,

when temptations taunt us,

in the uncertain wilderness,

light does breakthrough

calling us to trust

standing upright with dignity.


Our God is with us in all our troubles. (Psalm 91)




full of the Holy Spirit,

you gift us with your Spirit.

May we be brave enough

to utilize and embody

the gifts of your Spirit

in our daily Lenten living,

so as to live in communion with you.



Photo Credit: Matt Z.

Bragg Creek, AB

























Lent 2022: Snapshots

by Br. Michael, ofm

Lent 2022: Snapshots


It is said that a photo is worth a thousand words. Photos can often call us to pay attention to our heart and cause us to listen to what is being said in our soul. For Lent 2022 these weekly reflections will be focused on a photo. Seven friends each sent me a photo that they took, which stirred their hearts and captured their attention. I in turn have spent time with each photo and crafted a brief reflection for us to sit with during these weeks of Lent.


I invite you into these Lenten weeks, to come and be, come and listen, come and see. Like Lectio Divina “divine reading” is letting God speak to us through scripture, this is Visio Divina – “divine seeing”, letting God speak to us through the photo.


Lenten Blessings.



Ash Wednesday: Growth


We arise from ashes,

called to be ambassadors

heralding hope,

transformed from seed to flower

during these forty days

even in the most unlikely of places.


Christ Jesus,

in this Lenten Season

be our nourishment

so that we may grow

to radiate more like you.




Photo: MJP