– Br. Michael, ofm

The air has shifted

a refreshing coolness

time to take note

feel the change

an invitation

In this season

deep color schemes of leaves

warm morning skyscapes

busy harvesting squirrels

focused bird formations

an invitation


your invitation

like an embrace

surrounds me with goodness

causes me to ponder

awakens me to moments

to be present

to appreciate

to dwell

to breathe it all in.

The goodness of God meeting me.

For Mom and For Carol

September 2023

– Br. Michael, ofm



The Power of Song

– Br. Michael, ofm

Have you ever had a moment when a song moves you and your soul deeply?

It is like you are completely wrapped up in the words and music as it speaks to the divine spark in you. It feels like the song was written just for you as it sings truth and beauty and goodness.


I have had those moments. Completely wrapped up in the words of song as they seem to surround me and flow through me. I have had the melody of a song move me, both literally and my heart. I have had songs and music become my very prayer, expressing the depths of my journey, the longing of my heart and my pondering with God. I love those moments! These are God moments. These are the intimacy of the divine woven into us – the very beating and movement of our heart.


Several years ago, a moment like this happened for me with one of Cathy AJ Hardy’s songs. I couldn’t believe how Cathy’s words and music seemed to be something coming from my depth and my story. I listened to the song on repeat. It became part of my prayer time. It whispered through me in my days. The power of song and music. The power of God at work in the ordinary of life. The power of Divine Love penetrating my very life.


Are you looking for a moment of divine encounter?

Are you in need of some uplifting and encouragement?

Is your soul seeking to be renewed?

Is your heart longing to connect with God again?


Mount St. Francis is excited to welcome

Singer, Song-writer and Spiritual Director

Cathy AJ Hardy

on Thursday, September 21

for her cross Canada

Soul Care Tour:

Igniting Souls for Love!


There are limited tickets remaining for either the retreat in the afternoon or the concert in the evening or both.


Tickets are available at:


Join us for an opportunity encouraging your heart and soul.  Invite a friend!

You don’t want to miss out!




– Br. Michael, ofm




Wisps of color across the sky.

Hues of pink, magenta and orange

not seen in months.


A gentle coolness in the breeze.

A freshness which speaks to the

fullness of the journey.


Grey blue clouds come and go.

Like a blank canvas their invitation

is to ponder and be.


Green fading to lighter shades.

Knowing the time has been

well spent and cherished.


Another harvest from the garden.

The surprise of each picking

still delights the heart.


These sacred days filled with much.

The Season of Creation is the gift

of this season changing month

– September.