Light Bearers in Times of Darkness

– Br. Michael, ofm


“You are the light of the world. Now a light does not illumine itself,

but instead it diffuses its rays and shines all around upon everything

that comes into its view.”

– St. John of Capistrano


This reminder from an ancient saint is pertinent today. As our world continues to listen and see the horrors of war, the horrors of rage, the horrors of hate we must remember we are bearers of light. We believe the Divine One is infused in us so we in turn can diffuse this divine light into the world. No matter how dark the edges of the world seem to creep around us, no matter the hurts hurled at us, no matter the aching we can carry in our heart, we are met with a light greater than this all. This light not only meets us but also makes us look at our own dark places. This light invites us to let light be diffused into the darkness and to see with new vision. This vision always brings into view the redeeming and life-giving love of God.


We can sometimes feel insignificant when we look out our hurting world. We must not let ourselves be trapped by this attitude, rather we must remember the Christ – the Divine One lives and moves has his being in us (Acts 17.28). This is an awareness of the light we are and can diffuse into the world, even if just in our little corner. This is how hope and peace take root and strengthen our common bond beyond the walls of our heart.


With November drawing near we call to mind the many great saints known to all and the great saints known only to us. We also recall our deceased loves ones and are reminded of their light. These women, men and children from all walks of life and all places are light bearers. They stand with us encouraging us to diffuse our light into the world. The darkness of the world has always been, if we place our trust in Christ, we can carry light into this darkness and transform it into a place with a great view.


Let us not be discouraged, rather let us rise with all the saints of glory and sing the resurrection song. There is light beyond us and a light within us, let us walk in the light of our Saviour on all the paths of life.


God of Light,

you have infused the light of your Son into our very being,

strengthen us so we may diffuse this light into our world,

no matter how big or how small our world may seem.




Photo Credit: Josh Hild


A Letter to Saint Francis of Assisi

October 4, 2023


My Dear Brother Francis,


Over the past few days as time has shifted into October, I have been paying attention to how creation is preparing for the season to come. Seeing the magnificent colors of leaves, hearing the deep swoosh of the wings of a low flying bird, tasting a delicious pear or sweet carrot, smelling the cool harvest air, feeling the touch of my habit around my body; our senses really do call us into an awareness of God.


As I thought of this, I also thought of you. I thought of your final moments, as you laid on the bare earth, bare yourself, releasing your final breaths of your earthly life. I wonder how your senses were engaging you on this journey. I wonder if you struggled to allow yourself to be completely free and vulnerable. One last moment – one last hearing, tasting, smelling, touching and seeing of this life. Hearing your brothers’ voices in prayer, tasting Lady Jacoba’s cookies, smelling the earth, touching the hand of a dear brother and even in your limited sight seeing the contrast of darkness and light around you; each one a last moment.


These last gifts, these final moments of surrendering I think were allowing you to know you had seen and touched all you could in your life. Trusting God was present in all your senses and life you must have seen this as invitation to let them guide you into God’s vast mercy and goodness. The closeness of Christ in these moments and the Holy Spirit ever present allowed you to be free and welcome Sister Death. I wonder if I do the same. Do I only notice my senses in the fleeting moments of a changing season? I pray I may be more attentive to them, like you were in all the moments of life. Trusting I met God again and again in the ordinary of each day through my senses, I am invited to encounter God’s magnificent and grandiose expressions of beauty. An expression of the depth of love and generosity given for me and for all.


I know we are all on a journey to our final moments. Those last earthly moments which will release us from things both bad and good – seen, heard, touched, smelled and tasted. May I be brave enough to surrender them and be free to embrace the fullness of life you knew in Christ – Your All, in the final moments and in all moments.


As the world celebrates and remembers you in these days, stir my heart to see, touch, smell, taste and hear the fullness of God. God is always all around us in the present moments, may I lean into this truth again renewed. I long to know Christ as you did. May I trust like you did and be attentive to the moments of each day knowing Christ is present. You allowed the Holy Spirit to guide your ways in the footsteps of Christ. May I be attentive to the pathways opening before me.


My dear brother, as I pay attention to the changing season and my senses, I know I need to hear your words so I may continue to do what is mine to do and remain aligned in Christ – who is my All! I trust you walk with me and whisper your wisdom into my living. Peace to you my brother, much peace and gratitude.


Your little brother,