Where Are You Staying? 

– Br. Michael, ofm

Based on the Gospel of John 1.35-42


Where are you staying?

I have always found this an interesting question poised to Jesus. I find it interesting as well when it is poised to us over the course of our travels and journeys. It invites a conversation about place and being. It invites us to pay attention and maybe even to see again or see with new eyes. As I pondered this question and the simple response of Jesus, to “come and see” I had a sense of closeness.


I ask:

Where are you staying?

Jesus responds:

It is closer than you think,

sometimes it feels too familiar to you

and yet there are so many rooms.

I ask again: Where are you staying?

Jesus responds:

This place I am staying

is transformed again and again

with clarity and tenderness.


Come and See.

I respond by doing so.

It is a familiar and yet mysterious place,

there is warmth and depth to it.

I say:

I will remain here Jesus,

there is much here

and this familiar place feels new.

Jesus says:

Come and See

I respond:

Here, I find you, my Messiah,

I know I am taught here,

taught to see, speak, be and do things anew.

Here, you see me for who I am.

You call me to truth and to life.

You ask me to trust what you see.

Jesus responds:

I am staying here in your heart.

Photo Credit: Nsey Benajah