Snapshot 2: Transforming to Glory

by Br. Michael, ofm

“Citizens of heaven”*

the great apostle Paul

calls each of us.


“It is good to be here,”**

the great apostle Peter

declares in a moment of glory.



the appearance of Christ:

dazzling, glory-filled, Chosen One.


This Lenten reminder of transfiguration

is a nudge for us to look at what

needs transforming in our lives

so as to again and again

move from glory to glory

present here and now,

listening to Him who is our life,

dwelling with him for we are his

and have the honour of sharing

citizenship with Him.


Wisdom! Let us be attentive!


Transfigured Jesus,

you don’t simply razzle-dazzle

us with your glory,

rather you call us to glory

by transforming our lives

to the pattern of your love.


Fill us with an eagerness

for this transformation

today, tomorrow

and all the days of this Lent.





* – Philippians 3.20

** – Luke 9.28-36



Photo Credit: Vincent I.

St. Basil Ukrainian Catholic Church, Regina