– Br. Michael, ofm   

Blessed. Jesus calls us blessed. The Beatitudes (Mark 5.1-12) are not only a call to gospel living and an awareness of the body of Christ. They also remind us of our holiness, dignity and worth – our blessedness.


To be blessed stirs up emotions of goodness, right living, realizations of graces and maybe even wonder and awe moments. There is truth in this. Blessed in the context of the beatitudes is an eye opener; being attentive to blessings in disguise and in the most uncommon of places. They speak to the challenges in our lives and yet even in these we are met with blessings. There is truth in this. Christ is among us and this blessing is the greatest, for in all aspects of our living we are blessed.


Blessed when heartbroken and when heart rejoicing.

Blessed in the toil of labour and its rewards.

Blessed when raising awareness and when filled with hope.

Blessed in moments when mercy fills us and when we seek mercy.

Blessed when we easily see God in our day and when it is struggle.

Blessed when calm and rest frame our living and when it does not.

Blessed when we are left feeling empty and when we are strengthened.

Blessed because the kingdom of God is our in each moment.


Whether disguised or obvious, these blessed moments are a revelation of “the source of life Christ Jesus” (1 Corinthians 1.30) blessing us. For this we rejoice and give thanks. For this we are glad and live. For this we are awakened again to blessings and being blessed.


It is good to be reminded of blessings.

Take time today to count them.

What are yours of this past month?




Photo Credit: Holly Ward