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Advent at the Mount

Weekend Advent Retreat – 

“Advent Hope: Life Worth Living” 

December 2 – 4                       $215 

with Friar Joshua and Friar Michael


Our world continues to be bombarded with messages faster and louder.

How many speak of hope? How many speak of the gift of life?


Advent gives us a chance to recalibrate and align our living

in hope and life-giving ways.


Register with Linda and Russ Nicol    403-932-1804



Advent Twilight Retreat

– “An Evening with St. Nicholas”

Tuesday, December 6                                 $30 each        $15 youth ages 12-17

Registration at 6:00 pm      Supper at 6:30 pm


Enjoy a hearty homecooked meal followed by a guided reflection,

time for quiet and moments of shared prayer.

Consider attending as a family (ages 12+)

Consider gifting this Twilight Retreat to a friend or family member. 

Register at – 403-932-2012 or




Advent Day Away – “Pregnant with the Divine”

Wednesday, December 7               $30

Registration 8:40 am

The day begins with homemade muffins, includes a reflection,

time for quiet, Eucharist, a home-cooked noon meal,

prayer prompts and closing ritual.

Consider gifting this Day Retreat to a friend or family member. 

Register at – 403-932-2012 or



Advent – Winter Stillness Retreat

Friday, December 9 –  Sunday, December 11                $215


A quiet weekend, the perfect gift in a busy season. Come and rest.

Delicious meals to nourish your body,

liturgical prayer to nourish your heart,

quiet and nature to nourish your soul.

No scheduled presentations. Prayer and reflection resources available.

Arrival after 4 pm. Orientation and supper at 6 pm.

Register at – 403-932-2012 or





The Joy of Greccio: 

A St. Francis Christmas Pageant

Sunday, December 11


St. Francis of Assisi began the popular tradition of re-enacting the Christmas story in Greccio, Italy. Mount St. Francis has held the Greccio Christmas pageant since 2006. We are excited to welcome you back for this in person outdoor pageant.


          2:15 pm – 5:00 pm – Snacks and Hot Chocolate 

          Pageant at 4:15 pm 


Accepting non-perishable food  

and cash donations for the Cochrane Food Bank.