Sainthood: We Are Light

                  Br. Michael, ofm

Last week I had a conversation with a bright young man with a deep soul. When asked about what he wants in life, he was quick to reply, “To be a saint, that’s all I have ever wanted to be.” This statement comes from a paying attention to the journey, going to the depth of the heart, being able to sit in the silence and also wrestling with God. His statement is not about canonization, rather it is about the orientation of his life. He desires to keep Christ his center and to live his life well from that central narrative no matter where his life leads him.


We are each called to sainthood. To live our lives from the place of holiness, worth and goodness which called us into life and has woven these gifts into our very DNA. Our call to sainthood is a mark of our baptism; a being branded with Christ. Yes, the gifts of holiness, worth and goodness are obvious in the markings of baptism but it is in our living these out which becomes an expression of this deep God truth. It means we have to be vulnerable, trusting and open. It calls us to surrender, into relationship, and to pause and be. It always calls beyond ourselves to see how we are part of a community.


It is here in community we are reminded of our sainthood. No matter our vocation, age or location our sainthood is constantly unfolding. Others notice it in us. They call forth our gifts and abilities. They acknowledge our goodness and worth and speak to our holiness. We in turn are called to do the same for others. This is the great gift of the body of Christ, for we are God’s children now (aka saints) and what we will be has not yet been revealed (1 John 3.2). The invitation to claim who we are now and to continually grow in Christ is a beautiful one. There is no time like this moment to claim your worthy gift of sainthood, humbly sharing who you are with the world around you. Saints are vessels of light and our world indeed needs more light. Let yours shine knowing Christ is its source.

Photo Credit: Dewang Gupta