Always With Me

                 – Br. Michael, ofm

“You are always with me.” (Luke 15. 31) the father says to the elder son in the parable of the prodigal son. The father is speaking to the sense of security and shelter which has been overlooked or taken for granted. Here the father reminds his son, of all that is his because he has remained present and faithful as his child. He also is reminding his son that he can be as generous as he desires. This is not shocking news for us who have read this parable many times.


What stands out for me in this simple line scripture of the dialogue between father and son is the invitation of God. God invites us to awareness whether I am the prodigal son lost in my own world or the elder son blinded to the bounty which is always offered to me. God’s abounding, bountiful and steadfast love always meets us where we are and transforms the heart. Here God is, always with us, with the invitation to step into God’s lavish love which is always extended no matter what. As the prodigal child it is mine to receive again and again. As the elder child it is mine to rediscover again and again. Regardless of which of the two sons we feel we are more like, the love of God declares, “you are always with me.” May this be our constant assurance in the week ahead.


God of Lavish Love,

you are always with us,

extending your generosity

and mercy each and every day.

If we feel lost this week

and separated from you

whisper into our ears, “you are always with me.”

If we feel defensive this week

from not feeling seen

whisper into our ears, “you are always with me.”

May our eyes, ears and heart

be opened to where you meet us

each and every day.