– Br. Michael, ofm


Fresh air lingers,

sweet bird songs loft,

varieties of green pop,

summer is claiming her spot.


We can remain

in our steady doing

or we can listen, pause and be,

summer has a way of doing this.


Bright blue sunny skies,

rolling fluffy clouds,

needed rain waters the earth,

summer declares her beauty.


Each day with our senses

we are called to take note

becoming aware again,

summer has a way of doing this.


Bursting pretty flowers,

fresh garden delights,

sweet scents from all over,

summer offers her gifts.


We are given much each day,

Creator God never fails,

called to be attentive in this season,

summer has a way of doing this.


Summer has a way of saying:

“Be still and know” God,

be still,




Summer Blessings!




Photo Credit: Bonnie Kittle