The Kingdom of Christ the King

 – Br. Michael, ofm

“Your kingdom come…”

we pray this line many times,

and yet we wonder

where your kingdom is.


If we pay attention

to message of Jesus

your kingdom is

yes, in our hearts

yet it is encountered

with the poor,

with the homeless,

with the hungry.


Your kingdom is

where heartache is,

where recovery begins,

where forgiveness is known.


Your kingdom is

when we listen to each other,

when respect is given,

when life is honored.


Your kingdom is

what calls us to community,

what causes us to see anew,

what our foundation is built upon.


Your kingdom is

not about majesty and prestige,

rather it is about humility and tenderness;

two valuable qualities we often overlook.


Awaken your kingdom in our hearts again

for it seems we may have lost sight of it.

Awaken your kingdom in our hearts again

so, we may build it up

with the dignity, beauty and truth it is.

Awaken your kingdom in our hearts again

here and now,

among all peoples,

in all of creation,

now and forever.





Photo Credit: Youssef Aboutaleb