Moment of Autumn Grace

– Br. Michael, ofm

The autumn sun is the perfect hue of yellow masked gently by a whisp of clouds. I slide into my long-time favorite handmade shades of brown and taupe sweater and my pull on a simple grey toque. I step out into the autumn morning.

The air is cool but not cold. It has that perfect tinge of alertness and that freshness that reminds me of hanging the quilt out to be refreshed. The air has no movement yet it envelopes me like a gentle hug. As I take my first steps for a morning walk, I notice the deepness of the browns of the leaves and the roughness of the bare branches of the trees which have shed their summer beauty. This only seems to highlight the boldness of the mighty evergreens. I also notice the faint sounds of a busy town already a hum with the day. This is not a distraction from the beauty of this moment rather it serves as a reminder of the fullness of life.

I continue on my walk across the grass, noticing it’s varying shades of still summer green to dull winter yellow.  I notice the gentle blue of the sky and the whisp of a few more clouds. I come back to noticing the air around me – it is gentle, present and holding me. As I look up from my steps, I notice a deer on the path ahead gazing at me. Our eyes meet. Her bright eyes alive with wonder, her brown coat almost hidden amongst the trees and grass. Quickly she dashes off into the safety of these trees. I continue on my walk making my way back to the house aware of my steps upon the earth and this moment. My heart filled with gratitude whispers “this is a “perfect” moment.” I realize for these moments that I am present; this is what it must mean to simply be. “Praise God from whom all blessings flow” crosses my lips, I look up to the heavens and smile.

As I settle back inside and enjoy a warm cup of spiced tea; sipping from my favorite mug, I realize my breathing is even and relaxed, my energy restored as I step into the calls of this day knowing that the “steadfast love of the Lord is present and in this I place my hope” (Psalm 33).

As we continue on into autumn, I pray that you will find the time and make the time to step into the gift of creation. Allow our sister Mother Earth to fill your mind, your heart and your soul with a “perfect” God moment to simply be.

Continued Autumn Blessings.