The Dawning of Autumn  

                                        – Br. Michael, ofm


Autumn dawns,

greeting me.

I pause.

Captured by the season change

as I lift my eyes so is my heart.

I stand still.

Immersed in color.

Immersed in light.

Awe fills me.


I ask myself:

what is consuming me?

what is changing in me?

what am I immersed in?

Autumn dawns,

God’s goodness present

filling me with peace,

showing me God’s path now,

awakening me to God’s closeness,

guiding me into new ways.


I ask myself:

where do I need to be a bearer of light?

how do I need to be in this season?

what am I harvesting?

Autumn dawns,

a new season

in creation,

in life,

in me.

I stand still.

Immersed in light.

Immersed in this liminal time.

Divine Love fills me.