Bright Guide: Feast Day of Our Sister Saint Clare 2021

Br. Michael, ofm

In the middle of summer, we come to the feast of our sister Saint Clare of Assisi. Fittingly the name Clare means “bright.” I see this as a gentle reminder that in the brightness of summer we have a companion who always wants us to dwell in the brightness of the Godhead and contemplate the love of Christ.


We have very little writings of Clare’s which survived but the pieces we do have offer rich nuggets for us to sit with and ponder. As we continue on in this summer time and celebrate this remarkable woman let us ponder some of her thoughts for our own journey.


Keep gazing at your image reflected in the mirror (Christ) so that you may be clothed and adorned with the flowers of all virtues.


In this mirror by the grace of God you will be able to observe… love beyond the power of words to describe.


As you mediate on the indescribable delights and riches and enduring honors Jesus offers you, and as you sigh and long with all your heart, cry out to him with love: Draw me; we will follow you eagerly, heavenly bridegroom. I will run and not grow weary till you bring me into the banquet hall, until your left hand is under my head and your right embraces me.         

– from the Letters to Agnes of Prague


These three quotes are food for thought and challenge for us to consider where we are making time to spend with Christ this day and in the summer days ahead. We can use this Feast of St. Clare as summer reset and step forward delighting in nourishment of quiet moments with our Savior.


St. Clare

lover of Christ,

defender of contemplation,

embracer of beauty,

guardian of awareness,

sister-friend of Saint Francis,

pray for us

as we seek to draw nearer to Christ.