Summer Riches – Br. Michael, ofm

Majestic melodies of summer song birds.
Crunchy, sweet, peppery garden lettuce.
Canola fields brightly competing with the yellow sun.
Mosaic of warm colours melting the evening sky.
Sitting on the patio listening to the rain patter.
Bright blue skies polka dotted with marshmallow clouds.
Radiant rhubarb transformed into endless goodness.
Nodding off while slowly reading a summer novel.
Barbeques humming as supper sizzles to perfection.
Delicious dill delicately decorating delectable dishes.
Smokey memories lingering after the bonfire.
Soft gentle breezes fading to nothing at sunset.
Fresh night air filling lungs with deep breath.
Sipping on tea as the stars appear.
Lingering walks which lead to lingering goodbyes.
Summer riches, big and small are all around.
We give thanks, yes, we give thanks, O God.

What are you counting as blessing during this summer time?