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Mount St Francis
Retreat Centre


I wholeheartedly endorse Mount Saint Francis Retreat Centre and encourage one and all to attend programs at the Mount.

The daily retreat schedule allows retreatants to follow their inner rhythms in personal prayer, celebrations of the sacraments, reflections, readings, presentations, journaling, nature walks, private interviews, all of which make us more gracious “instruments of peace.”

Most Rev. Fredrick Henry,
Bishop of the Roman Catholic Diocese of Calgary

I have enjoyed quiet time at Mount St. Francis Retreat Centre – it is a good place to reflect and pray. The hospitality is warm, gracious, and welcoming and it is lovely to have a place near the city to retreat to. I highly recommend it.

The Rt. Rev. Gregory Kerr-Wilson,
Bishop of the Anglican Diocese of Calgary

The Mount St. Francis Retreat Centre has become my spiritual home. It is a place of remarkable beauty, of quiet contemplation, and of spiritual depth, filled with warm human beings who are always available to provide advice, friendship or even alone time. I've had the pleasure to be there for talks, for quiet retreats, and even for major events such as One Rock where the place was bustling with youthful activity. Whatever the event, whatever the season, Mount St. Francis is perfect in every way: from its faith-filled library and remarkable chapel to the sprawling grounds and mountain views. Even the food was wonderful. As I wrote in my Carillon column about one silent retreat I attended: "I'm not sure if it was the silence, or the mood of reflection generally, or some other factor entirely, but when I took that first bite the flavours came instantly alive." The magical ingredient at Mount St. Francis is the Spirit—you can feel it everywhere.

Gerry Turcotte, President, St. Mary's University College, Calgary

I always look forward to the days when I can just spend even a few hours at the Mount. The peaceful serenity of the grounds and majestic view of the mountains always lifts and renews my spirit.  I try to come here often to walk this holy ground. As a Franciscan Missionary of Mary, the Mount offers a wonderful setting for me to contemplate my vocation as a follower of Christ in the spirit of St. Francis.

Sr. Maria Nakagawa, F.M.M.
Chancellor of the Roman Catholic Diocese of Calgary

Note to the Retreat Team:

Thank you for just being here and all the loving, caring and sharing that you give to all of us.

A Regular Retreatant

The Mount fosters a safe and exceptional place for people in 12 Step recovery programs.  This is where many of us come to explore and find the way to learn to live a spiritual life.  We come to learn to live life on its own terms and get to develop a relationship with God through a non-judgemental, all inclusive never exclusive, team of spiritual guides.

Sheila K.