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Mount St Francis
Retreat Centre

Serenity Twilight Retreats 2018-19

The Serenity twilights take place on the first Wednesday and Thursday of each month. To register please call 403-932-2012 or email mtfrancis@shaw.ca a few days before the date. This year Serenity Twilights will focus on the principles of A.A., selecting one principle from those noted in the quote below:

“The principles of Twelve Step recovery are the opposite of our character defects. In recovery, we try to take the opposite of our character defects and shortcomings and turn them into principles. For example, we work to change fear into faith, hate into love, egoism into humility, anxiety and worry into serenity, complacency into action, denial into acceptance, jealousy into trust, fantasy into reality, selfishness into service, resentment into forgiveness, judgmentalism into tolerance, despair into hope, self-hate into self-respect and loneliness into fellowship.” (Taken from Drop the Rock: Removing Character Defects)

Women: Thursday, September 6
Men: Wednesday, September 5

Women: Wednesday, October 3
Men: Thursday, October 4

Women: Thursday, November 1
Men: Wednesday, November 7

Women: Wednesday, December 5
Men: Thursday, December 6

Women: Thursday, January 10
Men: Wednesday, January 9

Women: Wednesday, February 6
Men: Thursday, February 7

Women: Thursday, March 7
Men: Wednesday, March 6

Women: Wednesday, April 3
Men: Thursday, April 4

Women: Thursday, May 2
Men: Wednesday, May 1

Women: Wednesday, June 5
Men: Thursday, June 6

Please phone 403-932-2012 or email mtfrancis@shaw.ca to register each month.